As the series creator and lead producer on “WWE Playlist” and “WWE Milestones,” I developed the initial concept for each video – typically tied to a talent birthday, national (or social media) holiday or upcoming event – and researched the moments to include, directed the video editor where to make cuts and transitions and worked with the graphic design teams to ensure proper and accurate text to accompany each episode.

This page features a selection of these videos.


Surprising Superstar Smooches

Superstars who brought animals to the ring

Mark Henry's amazing feats of strength

WWE's over-the-top arm wrestling contests

Randy Orton destroys Legends

"Stone Cold's" most underrated moments

Becky Lynch's rise to becoming The Man

Royal Rumble Match returns

Wildest Superstar arrests

The Great Khali destroys Legends


"Stone Cold's" championship victories

The Rock's championship victories

Hulk Hogan's World Championship victories

Sting's World Championship victories

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