Screenwriting has always been my first passion as a storyteller. From 2002-2006, I attended the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema & Photography with a Screenwriting Concentration. While my path diverged a bit from a more traditional screenwriting journey, I have used my training and ability as a storyteller in every aspect of my career.


After exposing a war criminal who was let off the hook, a disillusioned Delta Force Operator returns to Afghanistan to help former enemies against a new adversary only to find himself rediscovering what he fights for after uncovering a conspiracy that reaches close to him.


Current Draft: 120 pages

The Code of Service (Working Title)

CIA officer Ryan Ford uncovers evidence implicating a Senator and presidential candidate in a new plot to have Russia alter votes in the upcoming election and the Senator will do anything to keep him silent.

Current Draft: 115 Pages

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