Pillow Fight Championship

In November 2021, I started a new role as Director of Digital and Social Content for Pillow Fight Championship (PFC), a start-up professional combat sports league. Beginning as a consulting role, my experience in the digital and social space – particularly in sports and entertainment – became an invaluable asset in scaling PFC’s presence.

Working with VP of Digital Mark Keys, I took a hands-on approach to improving the website through SEO, front-end experience improvements and additional features including photo galleries and a dedicated news section. I also built the website for PFC’s kids initiative PFCKidz completely from scratch in WordPress.

With an already impressive TikTok presence, I utilized existing and new content to increase overall presence on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – successfully implementing a strategy that leverages PFC’s media coverage with new and existing content to increase YouTube subscribers from roughly 900 to 8,000 allowing for monetization.

As Director of Digital and Social Content I field various media requests including BBC, NBC, CBS and Guinness Book of World Records, I was also instrumental in forging a partnership with Snapchat, working with Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas to pitch a reality TV show and brokering a deal with YouSat.TV to begin PFC’s expansion into Middle Eastern markets.

Other duties include video editing, graphic design, copywriting and managing a team of freelance video editors to meet  tight deadlines creating promo packages for fighters.