I’m Kevin Powers, you’ve likely discovered this website through a link on social media or some other wondrous transportation of data on the information superhighway.

This is my personal website and features information about me, columns and blogs about things I am passionate about such as comics, film and TV, politics, writing and much more.

First and foremost I am a writer, so in essence this is my notebook. I have a particular affinity for comics and screenwriting, but I don’t let that limit what I’m capable of accomplishing. I am a 2006 graduate of the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College with a bachelor’s degree in Cinema & Photography with a screenwriting concentration.

In 2009, I founded the independent comics studio TJ Comics. As the landscape of publishing is constantly evolving in today’s world, TJ Comics has become a huge proponent of DIY comics. Since the formation of TJ Comics, I have run a number of successful Kickstarter campaigns to bring books to life.

In 2015, my original graphic novel Patriot-1 won the Bronze Independent Publishing Book Award (IPPY) for Outstanding Graphic Novel – Drama/Documentary. In late 2019, Patriot-1: Ultimate Edition was released as the definitive version of Patriot-1. It features 25 new pages, all new lettering, a tweaked story and remastered art.

TJ Comics is also home to my revival of the Golden Age one-hit wonder The Atomic Thunderbolt as well as my superhero universe, ExtraOrdinary.

I am also a W3 Award winning digital content producer for a major entertainment company.

Additionally, and most importantly, I am a dad of three insane children.

Thanks for stopping by.