Austin 3:16 Day

Part of my daily responsibilities at WWE was to come up with content that aligned with national holidays, including what could be simply considered “Internet Holidays.” One of the goals of this type of content was to pick up on trending topics across social platforms. In March 2016, I developed the idea to create WWE’s own national holiday to coincide with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s famous “Austin 3:16” catchphrase¬†and as a result “Austin 3:16 Day” was born.¬†

What initially started as a small scale celebration of “Stone Cold’s” career every March 16 has evolved into an annual company-wide initiative celebrating The Texas Rattlesnake’s career. Like the WWE Hall of Famer himself, “Austin 3:16 Day” has become a pop-culture phenomenon receiving mainstream coverage in USA Today, ESPN, TMZ, and more.

In 2020, “Stone Cold” appeared on Monday Night Raw and officially declared “Austin 3:16 Day” a national holiday, truly making it official because it’s always been the bottom line when “Stone Cold” says so.

Below are screenshots of the original “What is Austin 3:16 Day?” story that can be found here:

"Stone Cold" declares #316 Day a National Holiday

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